TPH - Episode 87

Today we will talk about why you should have an Emergency Binder or a Grab and Go Binder and we will cover some of the things you may want to consider putting in your binder. Below you will find some links to some sites that will help you in this simple and relatively inexpensive project.





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TPH - Episode 86

Today we will discuss why it's important to get out of debt for a sustainable lifestyle and why we have the perception of the "poor pagan".

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TPH - Episode 85

Today I have an announcement about something new coming to the homestead and we will take a look at some ways you can do a little homesteading in apartments or other small spaces.

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TPH - Episode 84

Today we will take a look at the options available when it comes to composting toilets. I explain how the humanure system works and some of the pros and cons of using composting toilets.


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TPH - Episode 83

In today's show I discuss how homesteading helps us have a better understanding of our ancestors and can also bring us closer to them. Just a little food for thought!

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TPH - Episode 82

Today I share my thoughts with you on the TV show Frontier House which can be found on You Tube. I also discuss our relationships with livestock and how they differ from the relationships we have with our pets.

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TPH - Episode 81

Ready to get creative? In today's episode we will look at some ways you can bring a touch of country to your decor without it costing an arm and a leg.

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TPH - Episode 80

In this episode we will talk about plants that don't like each other and some more about preparedness.


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TPH - Episode 79

Today we will take a look at various predators that you may have to deal with on the homestead and what you can do to help deter them.

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TPH - Episode 78

Today I will give you my thoughts on the Ebola outbreak and the exposed patients that have recently come back into the country. We will also take a brief look at fish antibiotics and their uses.



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