TPH-Episode 8


Happy Halloween homesteaders! Welcome to The Pagan Homesteader Halloween Special! In this episode I have some music for you as well as a couple of Halloween stories. I also talk about a couple of more serious topics in addition to all this fun.

Intro Music - Ghost Town by Adventures of Leonid

Beer, Beer, Beer by Brobdingnagian Bards from The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs

Halloween by Fishing for Comets from Scattered Among the Archipelago

PC Halloween by Devo Spice

Links  RivenFae's Blog  Victorian Farm


Submitted by Amethyst Star - learn to quilt - sewing and crafts with quite a few vids featuring recycled materials and repurposing - learn how to spin wool - social site plus bazillions of free kntting and crochet patterns. spinners and tatters are welcome - crafting for the slightly sinister - I love their books - a website with vids on how to knit.