TPH - Episode 108

Today we will discuss how you can approach the concept of being prepared with children in a non-threatening and fun way. I mention Boy Scouts in the show and I forgot to mention that there are other options for helping your children learn preparedness skills such as Spiral Scouts.




TPH - Episode 107

Today we will reflect on what it took for pioneers in the 1800's to carve out a new life in territory where there was little to no infrastructure. What lessons can we learn from them and how can we apply those lessons to modern homesteading efforts?



TPH - Episode 106

Fall is here and it's time to start thinking about putting the garden to bed. Today we will talk about some of the things you should plan on doing to finish up the year and get ready for next spring.



TPH - Episode 105

Don't you love a good farmer's market? Wouldn't it be great if they were mobile? Today we will talk about how some people are trying to do just that and some of the benefits to not only people but also to the community.




TPH - Episode 104

Today we will take a slightly different approach to winter preparedness and look at bugging in or simply hunkering down for that severe weather event. We will take a look at some of the things that you should have on hand to make getting through that situation a little easier for everyone.



TPH - Episode 103

Today I will share my thoughts with you about the recent incident of work place violence that took place in Moore involving a man claiming to be Muslim.



TPH - Episode 102

Today we will take another look at skills you may want to learn for the homestead. I also found the link to Homestead Heritage just outside of Waco, TX. For those who live in the area, I highly encourage you to go check this place out. If nothing else it makes for a great family activity.





TPH - Episode 101

So I've been watching a little Doomsday Preppers (guilty pleasure) and it made me begin to think about things that can be used for barter if you can't use money. Today we will take a look at some of the everyday items that could take on a new importance if one of those Doomsday Prepper scenarios ever really happened.



TPH - Episode 100

Even though you live in the country, crime can still happen anywhere. In today's show we will take a look at crime in rural areas and some things you can do to try and protect yourself and your property.



TPH - Episode 99

Today we will take a brief look at overpopulation and that may impact us in the future. We will also discuss how Permaculture can make a difference in a world with an ever growing population.



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